White Coal - Garage Rock Duo by Night MEMBERS COLE WICKSTROM - GUITAR | KEYS LEE WICKSTROM - DRUMS | VOCALS L I T T L E  S T O N E  G I R L  -  P R E V I E W COLE WORKING ON LITTLE STONE GIRL @ VONDER RECORDS The Black Blue Studio #itmightgetloud #vonderrecords #vondercosmos #WhiteCoal #recording A post shared by Lee Wickstrom (@leewickstrom) on Nov 12, 2016 at 12:10am PST   THE BEST PEDAL AND THAT'S JUST BEECASUE! GO BUY ONE! Third Man Records - Black Bumble Buzz Buzzin and Bee keepin in the dead of winter! Merry Christmas to @thirdmanrecords #BumbleBuzz #LittleStoneGirl #vondercosmos #vonderrecords A post shared by Lee Wickstrom (@leewickstrom) on Dec...

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COMMIT AND IMPROVISE Commit to something even if you're not 100% ready. Doing so makes you improvise and typically you'll produce something better than expected.  The following outlines how we created a photo shoot without typical studio equipment. 1. Backdrop - 10' x 15' scrap of GAF Thermoplastic Roofing Membrane.  This roof membrane worked great as it is smooth, durable, and two-toned (white/charcoal).  The charcoal side was too glossy so I used an interior latex paint by Pittsburg to change the color and finish. Lastly, aluminum termination bar sandwiched the sheet to keep it flat while creating a strong edge for hanging. 2. Lighting on a Budget -  LED Shop lights worked well enough to light April's face and the...

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